One of the most important aspects of our church planting work is to instill values for quality, excellence and competence in the entire community. This is especially important because ministry leaders in Mexico are not typically professionally trained speakers or teachers.  They are housewives, carpenters, sales people, and students. And they serve out of necessity – which makes it all the more important that they receive training, access to quality materials, and a network of similarly trained individuals. By combining well trained leaders with quality infrastructure we can unleashed high impact programs and events that are self motivated and independent of direct supervision. That’s the theory, anyway.

So we invited the Alianza Pro Evangelización del Niño en México   (which is Child Evangelism Fellowship in the States) to train our Sunday School teachers. We also reached out to the surrounding churches in our city and invited them to join us. We have filled one class and have another class waiting to start in May.


The training session is 4 hours every Saturday and lasts for 12 weeks. There is a ton of homework and practice and exercises. it is a super quality presentation and full of excellent resources. It is an eye opening experience for our teachers who have never been taught how to teach before.


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